Ampower 20th Grateful Anniversary!

Ampower started its journey 20 years ago. From 1994, Ampower devoted itself in power solution business, now it is a rapidly growing company reaching to become a leading supplier of power solutions. Our product ranges are generator, UPS, busway, power quality solution, bi-fuel system etc….

” Reliable and Integrity” are our core principle. Through years of hands-on experience and outstanding services, we have earned customers’ appreciation and recognition. This honor belongs to every staff member who has/had worked hard to contribute to Ampower. We held a special banquet, and invite former employees as well as in-service employees to thank them for their efforts and support.

In the activity, we are not only review our past rewards but also prospect of a green future. Face to energy crisis and global warming issues, we have a unshirkable responsibility as a citizen of the Earth. To make the work more environmentally friendly, Ampower keeps developing new technologies for protection of eco environments, such as turn waste heat to power generator, flywheel-based energy storage systems etc. We believe our journey in the future will be radiant, and with joy to share our accomplishments and happiness with our clients and colleagues.





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