pointBusway & Plug-in unit





GE Spectra SeriesTM Busway, all the muscle without weights.

GE Spectra SeriesTM busway features:

  • Advanced Blue Coat™ Epoxy insulation (Class B, 130℃) protects your investment. Lifespan expected 50 years.
  • Aluminum Housing with Sandwich Design: up to 50% lighter than other Busway.
  • Quick installation and lower installed labor cost than other busway.
  • Single Bolted Washer joint design, +/- 1/2 in. length adjustment at each joint.
  • Short-circuit ratings up to 200,000 Amps.
  • Busway and Associated Fittings, UL 857; or IEC/CCC 947-2 compliance.
  • Certified to IBC-2006 Seismic compliance, and IEEE 693-2005.

GE Plug-in Unit Features:

  • Positive locator pin for exact, safe positioning.
  • A safety interlock that prevents insertion or removal of the plug when in the ON” position.
  • A cover interlock that prevents opening the cover when the switching device is “ON”.
  • A device interlock that prevents the switching device from being accidentally operated when the cover is open.
  • Both drip-proof (IP45) and splash-proof (IP54) plugs are available.

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