pointCHP(Combined heat and power )

Combined heat and power (CHP) is an efficient and clean way of generating electric power and thermal energy from a single fuel source. The engine drives the generator, producing electricity, and the residual heat created during this process is recaptured and turned into useful heat.
The agenitor by 2G is the result of intensive work by the 2G research and development team. Improving combustion chamber geometry has made it possible to increase the efficiency of the agenitor significantly.


 2G® agenitor advantages

  • Highly efficient power plant with optimized gas engine – and therefore lower fuel costs
  • Modular design facilitates installation in hard to reach places
  • Very reliable even in regular start-stop operation thanks to highly wear-resistant engine components
  • Resilient and low-maintenance.
  • Available as a twinpack configuration with two modules per container for twice the power




2G have commissioned thousands of technologically advanced, highly efficient CHP plants since 1995.Satisfied customers in 45 countries confirm the quality, performance and reliability of our products and solutions.

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