pointUninterrupted Power System(UPS) & SAG Mitigation System

SDM-Universal Power Driver advantages:

  • Highest system efficiency: Up to 99% efficient.
  • Attractive cost saving: there will be minimum preventive maintenance requirements and 20 years design life of systems.
  • High Reliability:  limited component count, redundant starting system and lowest energy storage speed on the market.
  • Universally compatible to any DC storage technologies including standard SLA/ VRLA batteries, lithium ion batteries, lithium super-capacitors and flywheels

SDM-Elektro is an international organization focused on offering power quality solutions. Our team of specialists are capable of designing solutions to address the following power quality problems:

  •  Voltage stability: Voltage restoration to nominal from an input window of +/- 40%
  • Power interruption: Uninterruptible power solution (UPS) capable of integrating with any DC energy storage systems to provide short duration ride through of 3 seconds to full standby power runtime of several hours if required
  • Frequency stability: Provides frequency stability for micro-grid and national grid applications

The SDM-Group’s mission is to confront and alleviate electrical and power disturbance problems and offer innovative alternative means to enhance electrical infrastructure reliability. Electric energy, although invisible and inconspicuous, has inevitably become part of our daily lives.

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