pointDynamic UPS





  • Highest system efficiency: The NO-BREAK KS® is the most efficient system in the market (>96%).
  • Small footprint: Save up to 50% of floor space over static UPS designs
  • Attractive cost saving: there will be minimum preventive maintenance requirements and our major overhauls requirements are at 10-year intervals.
  • High Reliability: NO-BREAK KS® has limited component count, redundant starting system and lowest energy storage speed on the market.
  • Green Solution: no batteries and no chemical waste

EURO-DIESEL’s high performance NO-BREAK KS® is a Diesel Rotary UPS system that uses a kinetic energy accumulator as an energy storage device, instead of traditional large lead-acid battery cells.

Place between the mains and the load, the NO-BREAK KS® system act as a filtering and conditioning mechanism, ensuring high quality power to the load and continuing the supply for an unlimited period if time in case of outage.

The range in small power steps from 100 kVA up to 2,500 kVA per unit for 50Hz and up to 3000 kVA for 60Hz. For projects requiring larger critical loads, the NO-BREAK KS® can be paralleled and designed in Low Voltage or in Medium Voltage configurations up to 24 kV.

Built with the latest technology, the NO-BREAK KS® system has been referenced by companies worldwide since its conception more than 20 years ago.

It is engineering to meet the most stringent level of reliability, highest efficiency, long lifespan and consequently, lowest economical and operational cost.

EURO-DIESEL is a private company established in 1989, whose main business activity consists of providing quality power solution and securing the critical power supply of businesses and institutions by the means of an avant-garde Diesel Rotary UPS system.

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