pointGTI Bi-Fuel® Solution





The GTI Bi-Fuel® System from Altronic offers an affordable and efficient means of operating industrial diesel engines utilizing both diesel and natural gas (or other available gas) as fuel sources. This innovative, patented system, which requires no modification to the internal components of the engine, allows for operation on natural gas up to a maximum of 70% of the fuel required to maintain the desired speed and load. Reduced exhaust emissions and fuel costs are just a few of the benefits of Bi-Fuel operation.

The GTI Bi-Fuel System operates by blending both diesel fuel and natural gas in the combustion chamber. This is achieved using a fumigated gas-charge design, whereby natural gas is pre-mixed with engine intake-air and delivered to the combustion chamber via the air-intake valve. The air-gas mixture is ignited when the diesel injector sprays a reduced quantity of diesel fuel into the chamber.

GTI Bi-Fuel® Advantages:

  • Converts industrial diesel engines to Bi-Fuel® operation by substituting up to 70% natural gas for diesel fuel
  • No modification to internal engine components is required
  • Cleaner burning natural gas reduces exhaust emissions
  • Reduces requirements for on-site fuel storage
  • Unique, patented design ensures no loss of power or efficiency

Altronic has long been regarded as the world’s leading manufacturer of ignition and control systems for industrial engines. These products represent the industry standard for quality. All are designed to improve engine performance and enhance reliability. Many also improve operating efficiency, helping to reduce emissions, which contributes to a healthier environment.

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