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Kohler Power is celebrating its 100-year centennial milestone in 2020. Since 1920, when Kohler made its entry into the power business, it has experienced significant growth historic achievements, business growth, product innovations and project successes through the decades.

100 years ago, Kohler set out to better the world by providing reliabile electricity to rural communities. Before long, KOHLER generators and engines were not only powering countryside homes, they were powering some of the world’s most significant moments. From historic expeditions to the South Pole to when man first stepped foot on the moon, Kohler was there. Through it all, our mission has remained constant – to empower people all over the world.

Today, Kohler has earned a global reputation as a pure power expert — in large part due to their strict quality standards. Enduring the industry’s toughest testing process, including transient power testing, cooling sound and more, every part is built to work with the entire system and perform in the most demanding environments before they are shipped out. Kohler delivers integrated industrial power systems for emergency, prime and continuous applications – from data centers and hospitals to water treatment facilities and government offices.

Being one of the largest global manufacturers of generators, Kohler continues to power critical industries and applications worldwide, with an unwavering focus on reliability and innovation. With more than 800 service and support locations, you can locate Kohler on nearly every continents on the planet. As the world demands more data and the future demands more energy, whatever tomorrow may bring, you can trust Kohler to be there to power it.

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