pointParallel Load Transfer Control (PLTCTM)




PLTCTM is a parallel load transfer control system developed by AMPOWER, a turnkey solution provider in electric generator sets with over 20 years’ practical experiences. PLTCTM is a customized design system to cope with customers’various configurations. The key advantage of PLTCTM is to provide a “closed and smooth load transfer system” between the utility grid and generators system without any additional transfer switch equipment (i.e. ATS or CTTS). With PTLC, you are allowed to test run the full emergency generator system anytime with actual load, without disrupting normal business/production process. And you do not even need to install any load bank to do that.

We have extensive experience in collaborating with our customers in sophisticated parallel and transfer system. There are more than 100 successful references to date and earned every customers’ trust.

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