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Generator Daily fuel tank Improvement

Generator Daily fuel tank Improvement

Customer: Semiconductor Manufacturer
Challenge: The customer’s original plan is to locate the daily fuel tank on the mezzanine floor level, which is around 5 meters above the generator, to fit the site condition. However, the fuel tank recommended height limits by engine manufacturer shall be within 2 meters to avoid possible risk.

AMPOWER based on rich onsite experiences and professional service team, listen and understand customer’s demand and modify the design of parts to limit excessive pressure from extra heights.

After the part improvement, all test results were complied with standards. With the improvement, we not only satisfy customer’s demand without jeopardize the safety requirements, but also maintain the generator reliability.

Another happy customer with our experiences and service.


Improved Part


Normality Test of improved part


Over standard before part installed
6Hr / 12ml (standard 6Hr /10ml)


Standard-compliant after part installed
6Hr / 9ml(standard 6Hr /10ml)

Generators operate in parallel

Generators operate in parallel

Customer:Tourist Hotels
Challenge:There were two MITSUBISHI 800KW standby generators operated in parallel originally, but one of these was broken down in July, 2009. The Customer decided to buy a new CAT 1000KW generator set, therefore, the former parallel system need to be modified. The problem was the original paralleling system was programmed by MITSUBISHI distributor, but the new set was from different manufacturer, and their capacities are different.

AMPOWER as a power solution turnkey provider, paralleling system among different type of generators is one of our renowned expertise. Despite emergency generators and their synchronizing control and switchgear were not supplied by us, we undertook this project to upgrade their system in order to serve our valued customers. We completed the two generators operated in parallel in Aug, 2009 and solved the circulation problem at the same time.

Later, after repair the broken generator set, AMPOWER designed a new ACB Switchgear and updated PLC component to parallel three generators set to fulfill customers’ maximum expectation.


Generator trouble shooting

Generator trouble shooting

Customer:Hong Yun Plaza in Changhua
Challenge:Customer bought this generator set several years ago. One day, it simply won’t start……

A standby home generator keeps your power on during an outage. Once it stops running, it might bring investments damaged, even people injured. Therefore, when the Customer found the generator didn’t work, they called AMPOWER team to trouble shoot as soon as possible.

After site inspection, our technical team found it was caused by a faulty control relay, we therefore replace it and try to start the generator set but failed. We bond it to another 24VDC starter battery to cross validation and found the voltage of starter battery was low.

Since current of the battery charger was high and it couldn’t automatic adjust, it might shorten battery life, we recommend replacing a new battery charger. Also, we found the water temperature meter of the generator engine was broken and the blind plug on the silencer was loosely fitted, which caused the exhaust recirculate into the generator room. We changed a new water temperature meter and fit the plug properly to solve these issues.

AMPOWER solved the Customer’s problem quickly with professional experience and judgment. We are proactive, task driven with sense of responsibility to improve the potential problem. We fulfill Customer with maximum of efficiency at lowest cost, and guarantee the householders’ living and quality.






CHP - Biogas power generation

CHP – Biogas power generation

Customer:Technology factory in Southern Taiwan Science Park
Combined heat and power (CHP) is an efficient and clean way of generating electric power and thermal energy from a single fuel source. The engine drives the generator, producing electricity, and the residual heat created during this process is recaptured and turned into useful heat.

In this case, the biogas produced by the anaerobic treatment of the organic waste water discharged from the factory is used to generate electricity by the 2G biogas generator set. After the biogas generator was installed, the original waste products can be utilized and transferred to the power to achieve the benefits of circular economy. The electricity generated by biogas generator can sold to Taipower and earn about 6 million per year.