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Amower is a comprehensive power system integration manufacturer. With its rich experience in EPC turnkey, we adhere to the quality of our products and provide tailor-made professional system design. The flywheel energy storage device will be exhibited at the SEMICON 2015 from September 2th to 4th.
In addition, we will introduce the latest APM802 parallel system of the well-known American brand KOHLER, and discuss how to reduce the investment cost of emergency power.
Calvin Chen, the general manager of Ampower, said that flywheel energy storage device produced by VYCON in the United States can store energy via high-speed rotation and then convert it into electric energy by using a motor induction generator. Replacing the battery with a flywheel do not need to replace or re-purchase the UPS, this method is not only more environmentally friendly, but also reduces maintenance and operating costs.
He said that Ampower has been working more than 20 years and successfully used its own advantages to find out the characteristics of each brand, combining products in different fields and integrating them into the central control system which developed by Ampower to meet the needs of customers. In addition, the accumulation of Ampower’s experience of semiconductors can applied to many areas, including hotels, hospitals, and financial centers.
Our Major technical competencies include Static UPS, Generator, Dynamic UPS, Dynamic Sag Correctors, Busway&Plug-in unit, Parallel Load Transfer Control (PLTCTM)’, Bi-Fuel System and Flywheel Energy Storage. In addition, we also acting brands like KOHLER, EURO DIESEL, GE, ROCKWELL.
In the future, we will continue to promote environmental protection, reducing dependence on chemical batteries to development the green energy.
Now we are engaging in the development of geothermal power with the brand of Ampower, Calvin Chen said that Philippines, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian area will be the first step in the development of Ampower.

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