pointSteam & ORC Screw Expander Generator





Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) uses organic working fluid that has a lower boiling point and higher vapor pressure than water to convert recovery thermal energy into mechanical or ultimately electric power. ORC technology can be applied for wide range of applications, such as industrial waste heat, geothermal, solar thermal and biomass and etc.

Kerry® (Kaishan) ORC Advantages

  • The isentropic efficiency of Kerry® ORC screw expander power plant is up to 85%~88%, which is the best performance in the market.
  • Kerry® Kaishan screw expander can work well in unstable/fluctuating heat sources condition (from 120%-10% far away the design point) compared with the steam turbine. It is the best advantage of Kaishan screw expander.
  • There are back-pressure, condensing Steam Type and ORC waste heat generator. Depending on different heat characteristics, it can utility suitable type and even design in cascade to gain higher performance.


ORC working principle:
With heat exchange between heat source and organic working fluid in evaporator, the liquid-form working fluid becomes vapor (not steam). The vapor enters the expander to turn the rotors to produce shaft power associated with its temperature and pressure reduction, and drive an alternator to generate electricity. Once the vapor exits expander, it will go through a condenser to be converted into its liquid-form, and then pumped back to the evaporator again to form a closed loop system.

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